Oregon CopBlock

Badges don't grant extra rights.


Thanks to efforts by Oregon CopBlock and Greater Cleveland Cop Block, the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Department launched a March 2014 investigation into the activities of one of it’s officers.

Simply filming police in their public acts is likely to make the community safer. We often find, by our mere presence, that cops raise their level of professional conduct. (right)

Let us know if you need assistance in sharing video content. We are here to help draw attention to your work.

You don't have to go about the work in isolation. Here are a few pointers that will help keep you safe.

Be sure that you know your rights. Be sure that you can recite them.

Watch the video below.

Ask yourself: "At what point did this officer realize he was being filmed?"

We say it was after he exited his car to 'adjust' the filmmaker's attitude ... for expressing his right to be secure ... and free from unlawful interference.


Film the police.